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Products specifically designed to meet customer needs concerning effectiveness, safety, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Pharmaclean is the result of the experience gained by AM Instruments over more than 25 years, that enables it to consistently conceive products that adequately respond to the increasingly strict quality and safety requirements required by life science.

The Pharmaclean area and production processes are designed and managed in order to minimize the risk of microbiological, particulate and pyrogenic contamination. Facilities, equipment and processes are qualified and validated according to our Quality Management System.

  • qualified personnel with adequate skills and continuing education
  • our Quality Assurance follows consolidated and validated methods for production and controls
  • a contamination control program evaluates the effectiveness of all activities by implementing any corrective and preventive actions, where necessary

ISO Certification  9001: 2015

  • Mini and Large Covers in Tyvek® material
  • Bags in Tyvek® material with and without drawstrings
  • Trolley and pallet covers in Tyvek® material
  • Tyvek®/HDPE bags and rolls
  • Autoclavable bags and rolls
  • LDPE bags & rolls
  • LDPE/HDPE sheets
  • Round Bottom Liners
  • Packaging service
  • MyWipe full range of wipers
  • Polyester and poly/cellulose mop covers
  • Bucket liners
  • Antibacterial sterile pens and markers
  • Autoclavable cleanroom paper and labels
  • Peel off mats

Pharmaclean protection, coverage and sterilization systems are available standard or customized. To request sampling and quotation of our covers, fill in the dedicated form.

Discover the advantages of using our covers in the autoclave sterilization phase. To learn more, read the article on Cleanroom Technology.

Pharmaclean also offers a repackaging service for pharmaceutical applications.

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