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10 – 12 April 2019



Please use the free invitation code PCE7D9A during registration.

Always at the forefront of contamination control sector, even on this occasion AM Instruments presents innovative products and services that conform to the increasingly stringent requirements of the regulatory system.

  • Pharmaclean® Line, produced in our cleanroom, dedicated to protection, sterilization and packaging systems, standard and customized
  • Hand disinfection: My & Clean+, the first and only gloved hands automatic system that simultaneously solves problems related to data integrity and risk of cross contamination
  • Cart2Count: the new LAT- trolley for continuous monitoring during material transfer
  • Broadcast messaging for cleanroom: MyPage +, broadcast messaging system for classified environments, in its version 2.0, which allows, in addition to the display of texts, images and videos, the display of data relating to values ​​such as humidity, pressure etc, with a simple connection to the company SCADA system.
  • Equipment: MyFog, our smoke generator for cleanroom air flow control
  • BAMS: a real time system that represents the future in airborne microbiological sampling
  • Particle counters: the new Lighthouse line of Apex and Active Count counters
  • Isolation Technology: Getinge-La Calhéne transfer systems and the latest TLT and GLT devices for glove and transfer testing
  • Contamination control products: a complete line for cleanroom contamination control with the latest news on decontamination mats, gloves, wipes