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AM Instruments welcomes you at Lounges 2016, 5 to 7 April, Messe Stuttgart.

We are pleased to meet you at IAB Reinraum-Produkte GmbH, our German distributor, operating for over 30 years in the cleanroom field.

AM Instruments will bring innovation to Lounges: Steramist Environment system with the new AIHP™ Technology for clean room biodecontamination; MyFog, our fog generator for the visual control of air flows in classified environments, and many other top quality products

LOUNGES presents itself as a communal meeting place in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, far away from the usual hectic rush to be found at exhibitions, and the resulting “higher-faster-further mentality”. Experts and newcomers are invited to refresh, broaden their knowledge and to take an active part. The apparently almost infinite possibilities once again turn the whole event into a unique experience.

LOUNGES is future-oriented and presents innovative products and topics in a special framework, making classical trade fairs look outdated.

LOUNGES introduces a top-class presentation program with a series of simultaneous sessions, provides information on current themes and reunites research, technology and operations.

LOUNGES has its focus on the exchange of information between visitors and exhibitors by means of discussions at the booths, during presentations and in dedicated forums.


The clean environment

  • Cleanroom & Sauberroom
  • Clothing & Consumables
  • Hygiene & Cleaning
  • Water & Ultra-Pure Media
  • Materials & Surfaces


  • Manufacturing & Processing
  • Packaging & Logistics
  • Analytics & Quality Assurance
  • Guidelines & Regulations

The full schedule is available here: