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This event offers you a unique possibility to become acquainted with ongoing regulatory requirements, the development of microbiological methods for quality and process control as well as with the recent experiences in microbial contamination control. Speakers from different scopes of pharmaceutical microbiology will give you the chance to get to know the different views on versatile microbiological topics. Also, as a participant you will have ample opportunity to discuss your specific issues with speakers and other participants. Interdisciplinary Key Note lectures will give you an additional benefit for understanding the current developments in pharmaceutical QC.


The role of pharmaceutical microbiology is getting more and more important. It is also increasingly in the focus of regulators during product submission and inspections. Current challenges are Low Endotoxin Recovery, implementation of alternative microbiological methods and the ongoing issues with contamination control – there were an increasing number of findings in the authority reports. The challenge is therefore to satisfy regulatory requirements alongside management’s financial expectations.


This conference is of interest to professionals in microbiology from

  • „Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies
  • Academic research institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Contract service laboratories who are involved in
  • „Contamination control
  • „Monitoring
  • „Validation
  • „Quality affairs
  • „Regulatory affairs
  • „Research and development

AM Instruments brings innovation in biodecontamination. 

AM Instruments will present the new AIHP™ technology line of products – Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide – for the biodecontamination of environments, surfaces and defined areas. This technology is based on operator safety, safeguard of surfaces, efficacy, repeatability and rapidity of the biodecontamination cycle and has been patented by TOMI Environmental Solutions.

Come and visit us at EMC 2016.