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AM Instruments supports a variety of associations and non-profit organizations engaged in social activities, with a particular focus on children, their health and well-being, in Italy and around the world.


Italian Association for the Fight against Neuroblastoma Onlus

This association was founded in 1993 on the initiative of parents of sick children and doctors of the G. Gaslini Institute of Genova. Their aim is to give hope to those affected by this illness in a very early age and support research.


Insiemepercaso Onlus

This Italian association has been recognized by the government of Zambia as an international non-governmental organization that carries out development cooperation activities with projects regarding basic welfare, education, health and labour.


Dynamo Camp

Dynamo Camp is a campus dedicated to therapeutic entertainment, the first in Italy properly organized to host sick and post-hospitalized children and teenagers for holiday periods. Every year in Italy more than 10.000 minors are affected by severe or cronic illnesses that force them to undergo long and invasive hospital therapies. Not only do the illness and therapy provoke fear and tiredness, they additionally limit the possibilities to make friends and live carefree experiences. Dynamo Camp wants to offer these children the chance to be “simply kids”, enjoying a week of pure fun in a protected environment, costantly supervised by qualified medical personnel.


FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

AM Instruments supports FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, through joining the Corporate Golden Donor membership program. Alongside the FAI we want to create a major protection project that is also an ambitious cultural challenge: making Italy a more beautiful place to live, work and raise our children. The landscape and cultural heritage, which the FAI safeguards and promotes, is in fact a unique capital in the world and the fundamental resource on which to invest in order to revive, develop and enhance our marvelous country. Every day FAI commits itself to protect and make accessible to all wonderful jewels of art, nature and culture disseminated in the countryside, in the cities and on the coasts of our country; to educate and sensitize the community to the knowledge, respect and care of art and nature and to act as spokespersons for the civil society, overseeing and actively intervening in the territory.